Earth Day, let's celebrate our home!

earth day is approaching and our mother has been speaking! 
all of us can do more to practice acts to educate, maintain + honor our home.
in finding bear fox babe, I vowed to inform consumers the importance of shopping consciously.  it's easy to get caught up; trends and poor manufactured products are at our every corner. 
a misconception often correlated with shopping consciously is accessibility and cost.  it is possible to own quality pieces at an affordable price.  it may not be quite as easy, but it will be worth it.  when buying merchandise that is better constructed with finer fabrics/materials you will notice that there'll be versatility and a lifespan capable of exceeding you! should you have a change of heart later down the road you will also have a piece that someone will find worth repurposing. we highly recommend checking out markets in your region to shop small and support local! shopping online makes it easy too, we enjoy browsing pinterest and instagram to find companies with the present and future of earth in mind. for this week we will be celebrating mother earth with 15% off vintage pieces.  discount is applied when you enter 'earth' at checkout.
have questions or other thoughts you'd like to discuss, let us know. 
in the mean time, stay foxy!
vintage full length white lace inset slip dress with pink velvet bow